El Caribe in Panama City, Panama

Walking up to El Caribe the casual vibe met us at the door. Inside there were a couple of families dining, along with a few couples. The server showed my party of four to our table and gave us a minute to decide on drinks.

I chose the strawberry lemonade. It was slushy, sweet (but not too sweet) and perfect for a hot night. Can you see the sheer joy on my face?

Next up was appetizers.

We started with fish fritters and a side of curried vegetables. 

Fish Fritters

The fish fritters were great as expected, but we couldn’t get over how good the vegetables were. The greens, coupled with carrots and onions? Just YES! The photo does not do this side justice. I would have been happy with a large bowl of just veggies.

Curry Vegetables

Except, it’s a Caribbean restaurant so of course we ordered entrees.

Our table opted for the whole fish, jerk chicken breast, curry chicken, and oxtails. All of the dishes came with coconut rice and peas, and plantains. 

Whole Fish

And all of our dishes were on point. 

Jerk Chicken Breast

The jerk chicken breast was my entree, but we all sampled the other dishes. Everything I tried was award worthy. Really. 


I could have chosen any of them and been completely happy. In fact, I may have upped my sample portion of the curry chicken… just a little, lol.

Curry Chicken

If you visit, I suggest getting something with the jerk sauce.  On the chicken breast it was the perfect amount of spicy and flavor. However, as much as I loved my chicken breast, next time I’m getting jerk chicken wings. I figure if the breast was that good the wings must be heavenly, :-).

Unfortunately we were too full to get dessert, which says a lot because I am usually all about the sugar. I’ll fix this on my next visit.

If you ask any of us about our trip to Panama we will mention the canal and the old city. But we will insist that you visit El Caribe. And you may have to listen to us joyfully relive the experience.

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